Market Expertise & Experience

With over 50 years of acquisition experience, NOVA understands the market and leverages hundreds of industry relationships to ensure each program is run cost efficiently, accessing the highest performing data at the best rates.

Prospect Identification & Expansion

The NOVA Acquisition team focuses on identifying trends in the client’s data to find the ideal target audience for prospecting to meet their data strategy needs.

Post-Acquisition Analysis

NOVA thoroughly reviews and analyzes results through our proprietary performance database of each campaign to identify the data sources and strategic decisions that are working.

Data-Driven Acquisition Planning

NOVA focuses on collaborating with its clients to develop data-driven acquisition strategies, focusing on increasing:

  • House File Retention

  • Response Rates

  • Long-Term Value

  • Average Gift

Integrated Marketing

NOVA partners and collaborates with the client’s other strategic partners to tactfully leverage our client’s message and goals.